Fine Arts Fundraiser Brings Popcorn to your Front Door


Emily James

WSMS Fine Arts started holding it’s latest fundraiser on September 20. To support the schools fine arts program you can purchase popcorn assortments online and have it shipped straight to your home.

There are two different ways to get to the fundraiser’s website: through messages or getting a direct link to the website. Students will then safely give out the website’s links and give the supporter their seller ID, so their marketing contributions can be credited. During class, fine arts students received a packet with their information to the site and ID inside.

“I think the popcorn fundraiser is great, because it’s just so easy,” said Mrs. New, WSMS Orchestra director. “Kids don’t have to take money from anyone or deliver any food, they just get the word out to friends and family and sell it online. It’s very simple for kids and for directors. The fundraiser helps us with many of the expenses we have in orchestra throughout the year. It helps us buy exciting music to perform, repair and maintain school instruments, and it helps with transportation costs for our field trips. We chose popcorn, because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and the company sends it directly to our supporters”

Depending on the amount of sales, students can earn prizes depending on the amount of money they raise. With that said, WSMS fine arts could really use your help, and it would mean so much to your friends and the staff that depend on these fundraisers. Go to Support My Fundraiser, enter your seller ID, and pick out some popcorn.