Among Us Losing Players


During quarantine, people got restless and frankly, bored. Many people started turning to online games including Roblox. One game that blew up during quarantine was Among Us. This game became popular very quickly, but fell quite quickly, too. If one has a Windows PC, playing Among Us is relatively simple: either purchase the game from the Microsoft Store or the Steam Store. It costs around $5 regardless of which platform you choose. Once you purchase the game, install it on your computer, launch it, and play. Although on most computer platforms it costs money, there were also some ways to play this with no cost. This was useful because many people wanted to play this game and chat with people. There were also ways to create private servers in case people wanted to stay safe and chat and play with their friends instead of online strangers.

 The last updates to the game came way too late. Adding a maximum of 15 players to the game, a brand new map, and a brand new chatting system only brought back some players, just to lose them again. It’s safe to say Among Us has finally lost all of its popularity.

“Used to be a great game that took the world by storm, and has been turned into a sad shell by a few updates,” said one student, “1. Type chatting has been broken since the ‘quick’ chat update and the quick chat is neither quick, nor useful. 2. The game is just dead; only 2 games running at a time and you can’t even host your own games, not to mention that attempting to join any games will just lead to a ‘game not found’ error, so the game is, literally, unplayable now,”

“Chat system stinks now,” said another player. “They took away your ability to text your own response now you have this stupid system where everything is all out of whack and you can only choose what they provide you with. This game was amazing before this stupid chat update now you can’t even speak clearly to any of your teammates to find out who did what or who suspicious. Epic fail on the developers part.”

InnerSloth, creator of Among Us, responded to this complaint with a delightful response: “Sorry and appreciate the patience! We’ve added fixes, so please make sure you’ve updated in order to create an account, log in, and change the in-game settings to use free chat,” they said. “We’re also constantly adding new bug fixes, so keep the game updated! Hope you enjoy the new map. 🙂 And if you could revise the review if you liked it, we’d appreciate it!”

The release date of this game was June 15, 2018, but it became popular in August of 2020. However, in August 2021, the largest number of players in a day was 17,346. Over the last 30 days, only 31,595 players were online. In September 2020, there was an average of 438,524 players a day. This game was one of the most played games in 2020, but now it’s easy to tell the difference in popularity. While Among Us was popular, content creators were making thousands of dollars streaming Among Us. It easily became the most watched category on Twitch, and YouTube was full of Among Us videos. Even streamers who created content about different games including Roblox made a couple of popular videos that starred Among Us.  Then, suddenly,  it all stopped. Sadly, due to “useless” updates, the games basic design, the games repetitiveness, and the all around bore, Among Us finally dropped in numbers. 

There are some rumors of an Among Us sequel, but will this make up for the complaints of the new updates in the original game? I am sure Marcus Bromander (the creator and designer of Among Us and also other games such as Known For, The Henry Stickmin Collection Writer, and Infiltrating the Airship Writer) is going to make this game become popular again. Hopefully, he has something good up his sleeve.