High School Homecoming Dance Disrupted


Sarah Osornio and Emerson York

This year’s homecoming dance was September 18, and was abruptly ended around 10pm due to a potential threat. Many students at Lovejoy High School were concerned for their safety, and many parents were worried too.

There were many rumours spread around about how this all came to be, but it was inevitably traced back to a conversation between two students at the dance. The Colin County sheriff’s department showed up at the school to protect high school students from any potential harm. For a few days after the dance, district administration asked the sheriff’s department to station several officers in front of all building entrances.

In a letter to all Lovejoy High School parents, new superintendent Katie Kordel said “We continue to be grateful for the responsiveness and leadership of the Lovejoy High School Administration and Colin County sheriff’s office. We are united in a dedicated focus on student safety.”