Devious Licks Wrecking School Property


Simeon Alling

Devious licks are a social media trend that has been causing nothing but havoc in schools around the country. This trend started when TikTok user,  jugg4elias, stole a box of masks from their school and called it an “absolutely devious lick.” The video was eventually taken down by TikTok, and other devious lick videos are being taken down following the vandalism the trend has caused.

“I don’t know very much about it, but I think it’s not very smart,” said Lexi Garza, 8.

The Devious Lick trend is a trend where someone steals something from some place, Like a urinal from school(as you now know). However since the Devious lick trend is well, a trend, It makes it harder to shake off than just pure vandalism. Devious licks have strayed so far from stealing something as simple as a mask box, to people stealing all over the country stealing soap packets and microscopes.

“Anytime we have students who want to destroy school property, it is disappointing.” said Mr. Parker, WSMS principal. “We have a lot of people who work very hard to ensure we have a beautiful school.  For our students to participate in these types of behaviors is disappointing to me. What is even more disappointing is that we have other students who see this happening and allow it to,”

There is some bright light in the future of this trend, however. There is a new reverse of it called the “angelic yield”. This is quite literally the opposite of the devious lick. In an angelic yield, students bring things from their homes to donate things like hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies to the school in replacement of the stolen items. TikTok users have finally started to realize that this is beyond funny, it’s harmful. When people steal soap from bathrooms, the schools are forced to close bathrooms or post teachers with sign-in logs outside of every bathroom.