Self-Paced Learning Introduced in Math


Morgan Ward

Several weeks ago WSMS math teachers introduced self paced learning to their students. At first, many students felt overwhelmed and found it hard to manage their learning. This type of learning can be very helpful for students who need extra support, or for students who don’t need help and want to get ahead.

“I felt like it was better for a lot of the kids, including me.” said Braden Buchek, 7. “It helps kids that like to go fast and it also helps people that need more help,”

It appears self paced learning is good for certain people. But, for some students having to watch a video lesson instead of an in person lesson may be difficult.

“I don’t know how I feel about it yet,” said a student who did not want to be identified. “It’s hard because you can’t ask the teacher for help, it’s more like the last resort. If you get behind on work it’s hard to catch up because the teacher isn’t really teaching the class.”

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy self-paced learning, it appears as if it’s here to stay.