U.S. Wins Ryder Cup


Braden Buchek

Every two years, the best golfers in America get together to compete with the best European golfers in one of the most prestigious golf tournaments. The tournament got it’s name from Samuel Ryder, who donated the trophy to the PGA of America.

Team systems are different between America and Europe. The American team is made up of twelve golfers, six had a chance to compete in a tournament to rack up points, and the other six were hand-picked by the captain, Steve Stricker. For the Europe team, the first four players and are the leading golfers in the European Points List, the next five lead in the World Points List, and Captain Padraig Harrington completes the team with three picks.

There are only three days in the Ryder Cup, and these three days are split into different types of competitions. For the first two days, the golf courses are split into four-ball and foursomes. In four-ball every golfer in a two-man team has his own ball, so there are four balls on the course at one time. Each team counts the lowest of the two scores each hole. The team whose player has the lowest score wins. In foursomes, each two-mean plays one ball, with every player taking turns until the hole is finished. On the final day, each match includes one player from each team, and the player with the lowest score wins.

Since the beginning of the Ryder Cup, the U.S. Team has won 42 Ryder Cups and they added a new one this year. Beating Europe 19-9. It’s been five long years since the Americans won the Ryder Cup, and it’s finally back in our hands. The American team immediately turned a likely victory into a sure one the first day of competition by snatching up eight of the twelve available points.

“Speechless. Everything about it, these guys came together,” said Stricker.