Cinderella Impressions and Review


Cora Craver

Cinderella came out on September 3rd and is living up to expectations. It premiered on Amazon Prime as a Prime Original and is being watched by families all over the world.

The movie is a new take on Cinderella, despite a Disney-owned live-action Cinderella coming out in 2015, and makes fun of the original in parts. Camila Cabello takes the role of Cinderella and embodies her in a unique and quirky way.

“I thought that the casting was okay. The Fabulous Godmother was interesting. I thought that the prince was a great singer. Camila Cabello and the Prince worked well together, too,” said Lily Sanders, 7.

 The soundtrack is very intriguing to both adults and kids and little kids are being introduced to the most iconic music from the 90’s and they love it!

“I thought that the movie was very well done. My dad said that he thought the movie was the perfect mix of Hamilton meets Mamma Mia meets RuPaul. I really enjoyed the music, too. I loved the movie,” said a 7th grader.

Watch Cinderella on Amazon Prime soon!