Test Anxiety


Issy Mirfin

As we all know, many students have a lot of anxiety when it comes to school, but it’s even worse when tests come around. The stress of not doing well and the thought of whether you’ll pass or not can make it hard to pay attention. All of this anxiety distracts students from doing well on tests. With building anxiety, it makes you rethink if you even understand the topic. 

“Yes, my anxiety definitely affects me during tests,” said Lexi Garza, 8.”I get stressed about how long the test is taking me and how I’m not done but other kids are finished. I also know that if I try to hide my anxiety that it will build up and I’ll be really stressed throughout the day.”

“I think test anxiety is a universal thing. It makes kids do worse on tests. And you also get worried, because our grades matter so much.” said Sydney Cole, 8.

There are ways to limit test anxiety: taking tests with fewer people around, like in the CAT, listening to music, establishing a pre-test study routine, asking your teacher questions, and getting plenty of sleep the night before your test. Everybody feels different taking tests, some people get anxiety to a different degree and some don’t get it at all, but one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is studying, going to tutoring, and asking questions if you need help.

“Yes, I do get anxiety and it’s really bad,” said Natalie Yarad, 8. “Sometimes I even throw up and get dizzy.”