Cafeteria Worker Appreciation


Lily Sanders and Zahara Abedin

After the fourth period bell rings, students are hungry and it’s a stampede to the cafeteria. Lunch is the place where kids are able to fill their hungry stomachs, talk to their friends, and have a little freetime. For some WSMS students, it’s the best time of the day. If you really think about it though, the workers who provide our lunches don’t get the appreciation that they should. 

“I feel so grateful when someone says ‘thank you for your work’,” said a WSMS lunch lady. 

The lunch ladies work hard the entire school day. If you take a look closer at the WSMS website, you won’t find anything about these hard working ladies. Why aren’t these hard working women getting the credit they deserve? Their generosity for our school is unbelievable, and is often overlooked.

“We work 8 hours on a regular day,” said the cafeteria manager.

The lunchroom workers have to not only cook, but clean and constantly prepare so they can get paid for the day, yet they always have a smile on their face. Even after all of this work, most students don’t even pay attention to them. We should all appreciate our cafeteria workers because they do so much for us. So the next time you see them, give a big smile, be grateful, and say thank you!