Sparkling Ice is a Student Favorite


Lily Sanders

Everyone’s looking for a new drink, and Sparkling Ice hit everyone right where they needed it. With 17 delicious flavors, what’s not to love? These refreshing drinks are sold in grocery stores across the country and even in our own Willow Springs cafeteria.

“It fizzes it a lot more than Sprite or 7Up,” said Josh Atkinson, 7. “I like the lemon flavor, in general its sour and if its in Sparkling Ice, it makes it more sour.” 

Other students seem to prefer the classic sodas. 

“Its very fizzy and almost tasteless, it reminds me of soda but with 80 percent flavor.” says Naomi Snyder, 7. 

Sparkling Ice is a major hit across the world, and at Willow Springs. You might spot some of your classmates with one of these drinks.  People all around are substituting their regular sodas like Dr. Pepper for Sparkling Ice, as they say it is a healthier option. It even has vitamins and antioxidants that are healthier than most soft drinks. Since there are many different flavors of Sparkling Ice, I decided to ask some of our WSMS students what their favorite flavor is. 

“Strawberry Lemonade,” said Rachel Akinfolarin, 7. “It’s a combo of my two favorite flavors, strawberry and lemon.”

I found the prices at Kroger and at the cafeteria interesting. When you get a bottle at Kroger, its only one dollar. But at WSMS, its double that price. 

“I don’t have a personal opinion on [Sparkling Ice], but I’m not allowed to have it,” said Natasha Gittemeier, 7. “My mom says it has chemicals in it.”  

While it’s not as good for you as water, they are a much better choice than regular soft drinks. Next time you buy lunch at WSMS, you should grab a Sparkling Ice on your way!