New England Patriots Cut Cam Newton, Mac Jones Starts


Braden Buchek

After battling for the starting quarterback job in training camp for several weeks, the Patriots have decided to release the former 2015 MVP and the first overall pick from the 2011 NFL draft, Cam Newton. Newton led his former team, the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015, but they lost to the Broncos.

Mac Jones, who was selected for starting quarterback, is a rookie who played at the famous Division 1 school, the University of Alabama, where he was starting quarterback and won a national championship. Last year, he was a Heisman Trophy contender, but his teammate and top wide receiver DeVonta Smith won.

Cam Newton comes in at a staggering 6’5, 245 pounds. Mac Jones is 6’3, 220 pounds. Cam Newton is extremely fast, and has some of the best footwork of a quarterback in the NFL. Mac Jones is an extremely good pocket passer, and even though he’s not as good when it comes to footwork.

No one knows what went on during training camp, but the vast majority of Patriots fans trust Bill Belichick’s judgement, as he is (basically) the greatest NFL coach ever.