Wild Horses Found Abused and Neglected


Leia Zirogiannis and Harper Gregg

According to the online newspaper, American Wild Horse Campaign, horses were found neglected and abused after being rounded up. The Bureau of Land Management  offers $1,000 for every horse adopted, so many people adopt the wild mustangs, take the money, and neglect the horses they adopted. For example, a horse was found weak and thin in a ten-by-ten dog pen standing in 5 inches of mud. Many horses were found with bad body conditions and body sores. Two horses were even found dead in a Kentucky barn. Ziggy, one of the horses in the barn, was a three-year-old horse that competed in the 2018 Mustang Heritage TIP Challenge in Georgia. Ziggy was found in the barn, abandoned. She was one of the two horses found dead and discovered by investigators. 

The wild horses were not only abused, but also sent to slaughter pens. According to The New York Times and the article “Wild Horses Adopted Under a Federal Program Are Going to Slaughter”, one person adopted a wild mustang once the $1,000 prize was given as a reward and bred colts (young male stallions particularly under the age of four years old). The colts were happy and were well taken care of. However, the mustangs he used to breed were long gone by the time he spoke on his on-the-record telephone interview.

“Records show that Mr. Kidd had sold them as soon as he legally could.” The New York Times reported.

Mustangs are protected under federal law, which makes it is illegal to sell them before an allotted time slot. Mr. Kidd and his family had made at least $20,000 selling these horses to people known as “slaughterhouse brokers” or “kill buyers”. These horses were sold off to dusty livestock houses here in Texas. When Mr. Kidd was asked about these sales, he quickly hung up the phone. 

Horses are precious animals and should be treated with gentleness and care. Wild mustangs are rounded up to protect their health and well being. Therefore, these horses in particular should be tended to with most care. Instead, people get these horses for money, don’t treat them well, and frequently abuse them and send them to slaughterhouses. By raising awareness, we have the power to change this.