WSMS Athletics Ramping Up this Week


Sarah Osornio and Emerson York

It’s a new school year, and seventh and eighth graders are very excited about starting school athletics. Seventh grade is the first year where you can try out for a sport to represent your school. WSMS offers basketball, football, cross country, golf, soccer, swim, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling.

Volleyball tryouts took place the first week of school. The second week of school, the coaches told the athletes who made a team and who would go to off-season, and later in the week the volleyball players were told which team they would be on: A, B, or C team.

Football tryouts the first week of school, too. For football, every athlete who tries out will be put on a team, so during tryouts, coaches focus on who works well together, who’s the most experienced, and who has the most potential.

Athletes not in a sport didn’t just get the first two weeks off, they are in off-season. Off-season is a series of conditioning, weights, sprints, and cardio. This program was put into place to keep student athletes physically fit and ready for team sports.

“I am kind of nervous but also excited,” said Kaelyn Hudson, 7.

All of the WSMS cheerleaders took several cheer tests on Tuesday, August 24. This test comprised all of the cheers they need to learn for the football season, they would be given a 0 in the grade book if they failed on one of the tests, but their grades for every test would be exempt. It wouldn’t affect their grade, just let them know how they did on those tests.

As fall athletics come into full swing, all of the WSMS student athletes are so excited to represent their school and dominate in their sport.