WSMS Students’ Favorite Electives


Lily Sanders

After the first few weeks of school, students have really gotten a feel for each elective they chose. Seventh and eighth graders had a choice of fine arts, athletics, journalism, art, theatre, STEM, and more. We asked some students their choices and what their favorites are. 

“Graphic art and design, journalism, and theatre are my electives, and theatre is my favorite,” said Zahara Abedin, 7. “It’s really fun and we get to do team building activities.”

Of the interviewed students, many decided that theatre is their favorite elective. In theater, you get a choice of being an actor or part of the tech crew, who builds the sets, does lights, music, and keeps the show going.

“Yearbook [is my favorite], because I have a lot of friends in my class, the teacher is nice, and it’s fun!” said Charleigh Moore, 7.

Electives are a class where you can get together with people with similar interests as you. It’s a great opportunity to meet someone new and be able to talk about things together. As middle schoolers, we don’t have recess anymore, but the electives are fun activities that seem to make up that recess time we don’t have. 

“Actually, I think they’re pretty cool,” said Emily James, 7. “I like electives, because they give us a chance to be creative and they have a chill environment.”

Electives are a creative outlet that allow you to explore your passions at a young age. You can choose your electives based on things you enjoy or a career you could possible pursue. 

“It [electives] allows us to explore different fields and gives us opportunities to find out what we enjoy,” said Claire Wu, 7.

So far, electives have made Willow Springs a better place, and somewhere where we can be ourselves. What a great way to kick off the 2021-2022 school year!