Navigating the Dress Code


Issy Mirfin and Natalie Yarad

As we all are aware, the dress code is a touchy subject to say the least. If we take a look at the girl’s dress code compared to the boy’s dress code, our current dress code is not as fashion friendly for girls as it is for boys.

Many people use clothing as a way to express themselves, obviously there is a difference between expressing and dressing inappropriately. But if we are being serious, normal shorts and shoulders should not be distracting. It is more common now to wear crop tops and spaghetti straps. Over the years style has changed, and no one wears long skirts and long sleeves every day to school. The dress code includes shorts and skirts needing to be fingertip length. Most girl’s shorts made today are just a bit shorter than that. In order to find the school-required shorts for girls, we would have to look in the boy clothing section.

Next up are tank tops and spaghetti straps. This rule can go either way for boys and girls. In the summer, Texas is extremely hot and most girls and boys are going to wear short sleeve clothing. In July-August, the temperature averages between 87 degrees to 98 degrees with very high humidity. No kid is going to wear long sleeves or longer sleeved T-shirts in that weather. Spaghetti straps are comfortable and very trendy. We also think that this year since we are back to normal school, that they are going to be more strict upon both boys and girls. I’m not saying that they completely need to get rid of the dress code, but it is a bit outdated. If we figured out when the dress code was made/updated I’m sure it would not be anywhere near 2018-2021. 

We wanted to get some teachers and kids opinions on the dress code.

Yes I do think dress code should be modified, I don’t understand why dress code is the way it is because most of us are athletes and want to wear athletic shorts that are comfortable and stylish.” said one 8th grader. 

But not everyone thinks that way.

“I do think that it is fair, and I understand the dress code,” said Mrs. Emory, the school librarian. “If we didn’t have one, kids could take advantage of the dress code.”

As you can tell, these are two very different opinions but both very valid. Opinions vary even among students.

“I do think it’s outdated and not fair,” said Lexi Garza, 8. “With the dress code, finding shorts when going out to shop is extremely hard, especially making sure that they are in style and school appropriate. It is ridiculous that we aren’t allowed to show our shoulders.”

“I do think that it is reasonable because I came from a school with a very strict dress code,” said Blake Clancy, 7.

On Tuesday August 24th, 2021, we interviewed Mr. Parker, our school’s principal. He told us: “Our school’s dress code is reviewed every year, all principals look at it and then include it in the student handbook that has to be approved by the school board each year. The school created the dress code about 15 years ago in 2006. I know that the style has changed and we are reviewing the dress code and are working to make it more comfortable, and we understand that it is hard for kids to dress cute and follow dress code, but they do have to draw the line somewhere.”

When we asked about his opinion on dress code and if he would change it, he said: “I wouldnt get rid of the dress code, but I would make some changes. We have to keep in mind everyone’s opinions. The problem with shorts is that the length can change when you’re standing up vs sitting down and we have to meet in the middle.  I want students to be able to express themselves and we are looking at how we can make the dress code more student-friendly.” 

Dress code is important to keep our school appropriate, but many find it too strict. Having them wear the clothing that the school gives out makes them feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. We are all pre-teens and teens and we listen to whatever people say about us, shaping our minds by telling us to put on baggy clothing when we get dress coded does not make us feel pretty or handsome. We understand that our dress code is here for a reason but maybe it can be changed to something more inclusive and fair for everyone.