First Days Around School: Perspective of WSMS Students


Brooke Blair and Morgan Ward

In-person school has officially started up again at Lovejoy, and students have a lot to say. For some students, the first day of school was an eventful and productive time, however many found the pick-up and drop-off hours hectic due to traffic and thunderstorms. Both bus and car riders had a difficult time getting home, some not even leaving until around 4:50.

“It took a really long time,” said one bus rider. “My parents got really worried”

During the school day, students scattered around the halls scouting out their new classes and teachers. Just like every first day, people were nervously awaiting the start of the school year. Some say adjusting to the new environment and teachers was difficult, while others say the identical Sloan Creek and Willow Springs schools made it significantly easier to find classes.   

“Everyone was really friendly, and I found my way around easily, because Willow Springs looks exactly like Sloan Creek,” said Cora Craver, 7. “Meeting the teachers was fun, I got to see their personalities and know the big idea of what we would be doing the rest of the year.” 

“Passing periods were crazy, but other than that, the teachers in every class gave us a big run-down of what we would be doing that week,” Craver said.”So it was kind of a lot of information at once, but I think everyone managed it very well.”

The morning before school started was busy as ever for WSMS students. Pictures from parents, quick breakfasts, and full backpacks, students hopped on buses and waved goodbye to parents. The first day was about to begin, and you could feel the energy in the air. A year of new beginnings is here.