Career Paths

Meadow Louria

Throughout our childhood, we are often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Our answers will differ depending on age, the amount of exposure we have received throughout our lives, and the different topics that we are interested in.

“When I grow up, my dream would be to be an author and own a bakery. When it comes to writing, I am very passionate when I am given an interesting topic,” said Sydney Cole, 7.

When the time comes to think about choosing our career paths, children are setting themselves up for the future for what they strive and excel at. Even though not all of us know what we want to do with our lives, we still might have an idea or topic that interests us.

Makennah Vann, 7, said, “When I get older, I would want to be a stay-at-home mom because I love kids so much and I am very good with them.” Even if all of our choices may not be traditional jobs, they can still be just as impactful to our society. As long as the decision we choose makes us happy and excited, any career path will be the best reward.

“I think that I might want to be an architect just like my dad. I think it would be cool to follow in my dad’s footsteps to make him proud,” said Kate Shaddock, 7.

The path to choosing what we want to do after we graduate isn’t always clear. It can take years to figure out, but eventually, we will determine what we want our future to be and how we want to live it.