The Role of Tech Tools in My Life

Connor Tiemann , Newspaper Writer

 Generation Z knows and understands a life with technology. I have used all sorts of technology from a young age. From phones, tablets and smart watches to fully automated houses and cars, tech is everywhere everyday. The widespread use of tech in all parts of daily life is the norm, and the role tech now has is insane. 

Justin Tiemann, 7, said, “I was late getting everyone up because my phone died and I had no morning alarm.” “For most of us, we start our day off with a smart-phone alarm, as long as the battery is charged!” Old-style clocks that are used just as alarm clocks are a thing of the past for most people now that smartphones and devices like Google Home or Alexa are available. Instead of a basic alarm, when the phone alerts I grab it quickly and check the weather for the day. Interacting with tech several times before I even get out of bed.

“Whether it is language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, or online learning software, there has been a significant surge in usage since COVID-19,” said Cathy Li with the World Economic Forum. School takes up a large portion of my day and that now means technology is involved in a large part of my daily life. 

Once out of bed, I am getting ready for school by grabbing my phone and laptop. My younger brother is doing virtual so he gets his IPad and logs into his Zoom virtual classroom. Never before has education been so dependent on technology. Education during this pandemic time would be almost impossible without the use of technology. 

Laura Tiemann said, “Using apps on my phone to order dinner from pretty much any restaurant is very convenient and a great way to get dinner on the table quickly.” 

After school, I may jump on the Xbox or Oculus VR for some down time while my mom uses UberEats to order dinner. Then, onto Google Classroom for homework and Youtube for some videos before heading to bed. From morning to night, technology is affecting daily life. 

Nothing like an internet outage to highlight the essential role that tech plays in daily life! Technology is so prevalent and useful that things seem to stop if technology is not functioning correctly. Current students  only know life with technology. It’s the norm and many wonder if GenZ could even function off the grid. Time will tell the rest of the story.