WSMS Art 1

Kate Shaddock, Newspaper Writer

In Art 1 this year, students have completed numerous projects using various mediums and materials. For some projects, students got to pick their own ideas, while others were assigned…

“The resin puzzle project was my favorite project we have done so far. I liked making it because we got to personalize the resin to our aesthetic. We put as many accessories in our puzzles as we liked or you are able to make them,” said Julia Yerkes, 7.

For the resin puzzle, students created model magic chips and put them inside of the mold putty. They could put flowers, glitter, crystals, and other elements to make it more personalized, or they could keep it plain. Students created more and more until they had around ten pieces to complete their puzzle. 

“I liked when we used charcoal; it was fun to blend and make shadows. We also got to make a colorful watercolor background,” said Skylar Jackson, 7.

For Art 1’s charcoal value project, artists picked out one of the collections they own at home to draw. This included sports balls, candy wrappers, and anything that the students had on hand. They picked out their favorite collection pieces, which were around 3, to draw with value. The background was watercolor, and charcoal pencil was over the watercolor to show the value and shadows.

“The charcoal was a fun process but very messy. The charcoal would smear and mess up the drawing but ended up looking better,” said Laine Richards, 7.

All of the art students have created so far has been unique and shows growth. With every project,  WSMS artists challenge their personal comfort zone to learn a new skill.