Time for Renewal: How Spring Break Recharges the Brain

Ivy Eckols and Annalise Levin


    Every March, students look forward to spring break because spring is a time of renewal. This year, from March 8 to 11, students will get the chance to recharge their learning batteries before facing STAAR and finals. 

I think spring break is really important because it gives students a break from the stress and work that is put into school. It is placed at a good time because it gives students a short rest before major tests and exams,” said Makennah Vann,7.

  Students also enjoy spending spring break at home with their families. The simplicity of getting to relax in your own home with your family is renewing to many students. For many students, being home helps take their minds off of the stress of upcoming tests. 

“This year I am not going anywhere on spring break, but thats as a good thing because it gives me more time to rest in the comfort of my own house. It ensures that my brain gets a good rest before the strain that all of the tests do to it,” said Tyler Wilson,7.

 Spring break comes at a perfect time. It is a time for rest before many major tests and exams. Since the spring semester is longer than the winter semester, it is an ideal time to get in some relaxation. 

“Spring break helps students because the spring semester is longer than the Winter, so it gives students a good break. At this time they can get mentally right so they can be ready for the last part of the year,” said Kirby Hulme, a 7th-grade math teacher.

 In the WSMS community spring break is important for taking a rest from the hard work put into school. Enjoy your spring break!