Why ‘Shrek 2’ is a Cinematic Masterpiece

Anna Frost

Since its release in 2004, Shrek 2 has intrigued DreamWorks fans across the country. With thrilling action, incredible mystery, immense character development, and a beautiful soundtrack, Shrek 2 is a true treasure of cinema.
“Shrek is love. Shrek is life. Shrek is God now.” says anonymous Shrek 2 supporter.
Shrek 2 follows the newlyweds Shrek and Fiona on the journey to Far Far Away to meet Fiona’s parents for the first time. The king and queen are shocked to see their long lost daughter as an ogre, and quickly disapprove of Shrek. Shrek and Fiona get into a fight about pleasing the king and queen, while Fiona revisits her childhood memory of marrying Prince Charming. King Harold is reprimanded by the Fairy Godmother and reminded of a deal they made that ensured Harold’s own happily ever after. This deal entails Fiona should marry Prince Charming. The king, determined to keep the life he loves, hires the esteemed assassin Puss in Boots to put an end to Shrek’s life. However, Puss fails but befriends Shrek and agrees to help him on his journey. Shrek and Donkey sneak into Fairy Godmother’s potion factory and steal a Happily Ever After potion.
“Shrek is 2 is really good because it’s entertaining and has a good story behind it. Fiona is a great character and I strive to marry lord Farquaad.” says Jessie South, 8.
They both fall asleep and when they wake up, Shrek has turned into a handsome man, and Donkey has turned into a beautiful white stallion. In order to make the effects permanent, Shrek must kiss Fiona before midnight. The Fairy Godmother, realizing the potion has been stolen, sends her son Prince Charming to pose as Shrek and make Fiona love him. Fairy godmother urges Shrek to leave the castle as she believes the best thing for Fiona is for Shrek to leave her. Shrek complies, discouraged, he prepares to leave. On his way out of the castle he, Donkey, and Puss overhear the Fairy godmother’s plan to make Fiona fall in love with her son by putting love potion in her tea. The gang is caught eavesdropping and imprisoned, while the royal ball begins, and midnight draws nearer. Shrek’s friends at the swamp decide to join the fight and with the help of the Giant Gingerbread Man, they break down the castle’s defenses. Shrek is too late to stop Charming from kissing her, but Fiona being the role model she is, headbutts him in refute. The king reveals that he never gave his daughter the love potion, and as punishment for his actions, Fairy Godmother changes him into a frog. Shrek and Fiona agree not to become human and happily change back to their ogre form. Prince Charming and his mother are thrown into jail and they all live happily ever after. Also Donkey and Dragon have babies. I’m not sure how that happened.
“Have you heard of Jesus? That encapsulates Shrek. The character development is amazing. It also expands on the past themes of Shrek, one by talking about Fiona’s curse, her family, the kingdom and who put the curse on her. Shrek is like Jesus. I want him to always be with me.” Says Trevor Mulroney, 7.’
In the opinion of movie critics everywhere Shrek 2 is the perfect sequel. Rotten Tomatoes scored the original Shrek at an 88% while Shrek 2 performed better with an 89%. Clearly, this movie is a masterpiece to exceed a movie as revolutionary as Shrek. The characters develop so well and we truly see the consequences of Fiona choosing to be an ogre whereas in the original, they make it seem like a happy ending when in reality not everything is perfect.
The soundtrack to Shrek 2 is also astonishing because, unlike other DreamWorks movies, it uses pop culture references to its advantage and includes a beautiful cover of “Holding Out for a Hero.” The score of Shrek 2 is so iconic that fans all over the country left marvelling at the pure genius of it. The track features an orchestra recording of the song while the pop version plays over it. It gives it a strong fairytale vibe that isn’t seen in other movies of its type. Not to mention the cinematography is better than many live action movies of its time.
The plot is compelling and the characters undergo such natural changes. Shrek 2 is truly a piece of art and should most certainly be recognized as such.