Are Airpods Max Worth It?

Connor Tiemann

There are so many choices when it comes to technology designed for audio. Deciding on on-ear, over-ear or ear-pods and then choosing a brand can be mind blowing. Apple just introduced their newest audio technology that is advertised as the ultimate experience, but it is really worth the cost?

“I think they are just another Apple product to spend your money on. They do have decent sound quality, but I don’t like them because they are really heavy and seem like they would break easily. I wouldn’t buy them,” said Parker Wood, 8. There are so many options and price ranges, so Airpods Max would need to have special or better features to get people to purchase the headphones.

Airpods Max are designed to provide an amazingly flexible and comfortable fit along with ultimate sound. They also have a whole new look and don’t even look like the original Airpods. Airpods Max are Airpods redone with a flexible headband and over-ear cups.

“Airpods have good sound quality and a compact design. I don’t like the bulkier look of the Airpods Max. Apple is advertising the frame as awesome, but it looks like the back of an office chair to me,” said Alec Turnbow, 8.

The new Apple Airpods Max have a big price tag at $550 compared to the Airpods Pro at $250. Apple fans will probably spend the money and add these new headphones to their Apple collection. Many people will find the $550 price high especially if they already spent their money on the Pros.

“They are really just another option for high price headphones to me, and I don’t think I will be buying them until the price comes down,” said Colton McClure, 8. “After the 2nd version is released the price of the Airpods Pro will drop and then they will compete with some of the other big brands like Beats.”

The Apple Airpods Max have some new features and brag about the unbelievable sound quality. Are they worth it? Maybe or Maybe not. Since Apple stores are currently closed, people are not allowed to test them. At the price they are for the Airpods Max, they may be harder to sell the new fit and features.