The Mittens

Victoria Harris and Lilly Powers

Everyone’s heard of the new popular trend that has appeared recently on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and many other social media platforms: the Bernie memes. During the 2021 Presidential inauguration, Bernie Sanders was filmed with brown, blue, and tan knitted mittens in a black folding chair.  

“This year, forecast high temperatures look to be around 40 degrees in Washington D.C. right around the inauguration ceremony in the late morning and early afternoon hours. This is right around normal according to the National Weather Service climatology in Washington D.C/Baltimore,” said Ethan Rosuck, a journalist.

On January 20, 2021, the weather was chilly, and there were high winds up to 40 mph. Everyone was wearing warm clothing, but the one person’s attire stood out the most: Bernie Sanders. He inspired an explosion of memes about the way he looked and posted them everywhere. 

“My favorite Bernie meme is when someone photoshops him in all of these different places, and he sees them and is very confused,” said Olivia Nickell, 7. 

His memes, over the last couple of weeks, have been so viral; many news channels and journalism producers like CNBC, NBC, New York Post, TIME, and many others have released stories about the topic. One news channel covered that the mittens memes have been supporting a local business in his home state of Vermont. Everyone has seen how funny these memes are, so the business created many different merchandise items to sell. They launched their products, and in only 30 minutes, they were sold out; they raised over 1.8 million dollars worth.

“My favorite Bernie meme is the one where he was photoshopped into The Lion King because it was a favorite movie when I was little, and it makes me laugh every time I see it,” said Emma Pierce, 7.

There have been countless memes where Bernie Sanders has been photoshopped into multiple movies and TV shows like The Lion King, Golden Girls, Game of Thrones, Friends, Harry Potter, football games, and even news channel sets. Bernie Sanders has truly broken memes everywhere.