How Online School has Affected grades at WSMS

Jacey Dillard, Newspaper Writer

During this pandemic, WSMS is taking many precautions to keep the students safe. If you have been exposed to, or have COVID-19, you must be quarantined and attend online school for 2 weeks. Because of that, it can affect some students’ grades.

“My grades have pretty much been staying the same being that I’m at home, and I’ve had more time and opportunities to study,” said Mia Lutcza, 7.

             Some students can easily get distracted if learning at home. When at home, students might be tempted to watch TV or get on their phones.

              “When I was online, it was hard for me to keep up because it is harder to learn at home. It affected my grades in a negative way, and now that I’m back at school I’m trying to catch up,” said Addison Edge, 7. 

              Because it’s hard to teach both virtually  and in person, a lot of teachers are struggling. Some assignments can’t be done for students at home if they don’t have the right help and tools, but the majority of classes make it easy to do assignments from home.

“In my class, which is an elective, [student’s] grades have not suffered, but I think the online learning for what we do has suffered. I do not penalize if the kids don’t have the computers or software to do the work. They can see what they are supposed to do, but many times, they cannot actually do the work,” said Mrs. Smith, WSMS Media Teacher.

               Some students learn better at home, while some students don’t learn as well. Learning preference depends on the student and how they learn and focus on their studies.