7th Grade Girls Basketball Season Affected by COVID-19

Eloise Friloux and Ivy Eckols

The 7th-grade basketball program is already up and running, and so far, all teams have been successful with managing wins and losses. Unfortunately, one major downfall and disadvantage to the teams this year is COVID-19.
“We have had to wear masks in practice and it’s hard to breathe when we try to run up and down the court. It affects me with coaching because I have to yell a lot louder and we also have to be careful outside of school because we could get quarantined,” said Kirby Hulme, 7th-grade basketball coach.
Athletes had to skip one game due to COVID, but the girls are not affected mentally or physically by the masks.
“COVID made us skip a game and we had to quarantine for a whole week. I do think our season is going to be good, and I think we can work with all of the requirements and difficulties,” said Gabby Peay, 7.
One of the biggest challenges is not being able to make up the games we have missed due to covid, and progressively losing the number of games the team is able to play in.
“It’s affected us a lot because it’s difficult to breathe while wearing a mask, and wearing a mask in warm-ups is hard sometimes. Spacing out during practices and not being in close contact makes it difficult, but I think we can work through the difficulties,” said Skylar Jackson, 7.
The girls’ basketball teams only have a few games left and they want to make the most out of them. Many players aren’t happy that they have missed so many games, but they are still glad that they get to play with their teammates.