Nike FlyEase: Shoes of the Future

Connor Tiemann

Nike has done it again. They are showing off their innovation and design skills with the Nike Go FlyEase hands-free shoes. These slip-ons are the latest and greatest in footwear and revolutionize shoes for all kinds of athletes.
The new Nike Go FlyEase are not the first slip-on shoes, but they are the first shoes of this kind that work well and fit great. Its design is revolutionary with a complex folding feature that makes putting them on and off easy. The secret shoe’s smooth motion works because of a bi-stable hinge that keeps the shoe secure when fully open and closed.
“I haven’t tried the new hands-free Nike shoes because they aren’t available for the public yet, but they seem like they would fit like regular shoes. This is great for people who have trouble bending down to put on shoes or who can’t tie laces,” said avid runner Laura Tiemann, mother of Connor Tiemann, 7.
These shoes are designed for hands-free use, but they are also made for regular use. They are not like typical slip-on shoes or sock-type shoes but instead designed with a footbed that gives stability, cushioning, and durability like traditional shoes.
“I think it’s awesome that Nike invested so much money and time into creating the Go FlyEase shoes. They give people with and without disabilities a new option,” said Wendy Richow, 8.
The hands-free feature along with the durability and comfort of a typical shoe makes them a good choice for people with disabilities, busy students, or people who always have their hands full. Nike’s innovation, the.Go FlyEase can help a large number of different people with different needs.
“The Nike Go FlyEase is available initially via invite for select Nike Members, with broader consumer availability planned for later this year,” said Jovani Hernandez from The Go FlyEase will be priced starting at $120, which is even cheaper than many athletic shoes.
Nike hit the bullseye with the new Go FlyEase shoes. Nike focuses on innovation and revolutionary designs, and it shows with their latest hands-free shoe design. The Go FlyEase shoes are advertised as hands-free, comfortable, and durable. They also come with a decent price tag. The revolutionary Nike Go FlyEase shoes are designed for everyone, but only a select few will be invited to try them before they are fully released on February 15.