A/B Schedule

Ben Winder

Every student in 5th grade or above has class periods throughout the day. At WSMS and the whole Lovejoy District, there is a new schedule called the A/B Schedule. Students have mixed feelings about the schedule, some like certain aspects of parts and might not appreciate other sections.
“I feel like I have some fun classes some days and not as exciting classes on other days. I feel like on separate days, I’m kind of sad about me not getting the classes I like. I do like that the schedule takes the load off my back of not having to have all the classes in one day,” said Jarnail Pannu, 7th.
Some students are really in favor of the A/B schedule , simply because of the unique schedule and the alternation of the classes.
“I think it’s really cool because you have a set of classes one day and another set of classes another day,” said Brandon Gibson, 7th.
Others feel that it is not necessary to have separate classes for different days.
“I don’t really like the schedule,” said an anonymous student. “I think it’s a good idea, but I feel that it isn’t a good practice because I don’t like the idea of having different classes on different days.”
Everyone has different opinions over the topic of an A/B Schedule. Some feel it is productive, while others might think that it is not helpful. The A/B day schedule is just another precaution made to help us adapt to the pandemic atmosphere.