What Electives Are Upcoming 8th Graders Going To Pick?

Jacey Dillard

In March, 7th grade students at WSMS will be choosing the elective courses they take next year. WSMS offers various elective options to the students, such as fine arts, athletics, STEM, and more.

“I am choosing athletics next year because I want to do volleyball in the fall and soccer in the spring,” said Mia Lutcza, 7. 

Some students can pick electives that involve social skills, such as PALS, which stands for peers, assistance, leadership, and skills. PALS involves students who would show new students around, or make sure nobody is sitting alone at lunch, helping WSMS staff and students.

“I am applying for PALS in 8th grade because I am very social with people,” said Skylar Jackson, 7.

Courses that give you High School credit are also available at WSMS, such as Spanish 1 and BIM (Business Information Management).

“I am taking Spanish 1 next year because I want to be bilingual. I’ve always wanted to learn a different language, and I think Spanish would be fun,” said Chloe Long, 7. 

WSMS also has different art classes available for students, including Art 1, Advanced Art, and Graphic Art and Design 1 and 2. 

“I am doing Advanced Art in 8th grade because I took Art 1 this year, and I really enjoyed it because it was really fun,” said Laine Richards, 7.

A highly popular elective at WSMS is Media 1 and 2. This class is about getting to be on camera and behind the camera. Media allows students to create the announcements, while also improving social skills and allowing students to work together to create fun videos. To be able to take Media 2 in 8th grade, students must have to be in media 1 first. 

“I am signing up for Media 2 next year because I did Media 1 this year and really enjoyed it. I also love having Mrs. Smith as a teacher,” said Grace Gonzales, 7.

WSMS has many elective options for students to choose from. The course selection is actively inclusive, so there are classes for everyone.