2020-21 WSMS Wrestling Season

Grayson Stanford and Taylor Pettit

The WSMS Wrestling season has finally kicked off, but with the pandemic, how wrestling will continue through social distancing and CDC guidelines is a challenge. Wrestling season started a few weeks ago and numerous events have been postponed due to COVID-19. Practices take place at Sloan Creek campus from 5:00-6:30 pm.
“I think the wrestling season is pretty different; we have to wear masks and social distance when we’re not in drills. I don’t think we will have matches against other schools, but we scrimmage a lot,” said an anonymous 7th grader.
Last year, wrestlers were allowed to wrestle against their friends or partner before practice. They can’t do that anymore because of the new COVID-19 restrictions stating that you can only wrestle if the coach instructs you to do so. This year, the sport is very strict with the new rules for the wrestlers’ health and safety.
“Wrestling changed a lot; the season is at a completely different time. We do have to wear masks, which is kind of annoying. We aren’t having any tournaments, just matches within Lovejoy,” said Barrett Bennett, 7.
Matches were postponed and then were ultimately canceled. They are going to duels within WSMS. Athletes will wrestle people only in their weight class, or near their weight.
“We have to wash down the mats after, and we don’t have a lot of duels because other schools aren’t scheduling any against us,” said Marshall Branum, 7th.
Wrestling has started but has been delayed and postponed multiple times due to bad weather days and the pandemic. It’s difficult to social distance while playing a contact sport. . Lovejoy is doing everything they can to still have Wrestling and to make sure everyone is safe.