Emerson Smith

Recently, a strange type of marshmallow-like stuffed animal has taken the world by storm. These cute plushies are called Squishmallows. They are round, circular animals filled with polyester fibers and sewn shut with a soft fur outer layer. They are known to be great for comfort and cuddling, which makes them enticing to the public.
“I own many Squishmallows, and they’re so relaxing. They work really well for stress relief. I started buying them when they became popular on TikTok. They’re so soft and they surprisingly work well as a pillow. I’m definitely going to buy many more in the future,” said Sarah Jett, 7.
One of the main things that keep consumers wanting more is the Squishmallow Squads. Squads are groups of Squishmallows normally categorized by categories such as ocean, Jurassic, safari, and garden. In addition, a new festive squad is released every holiday. The newest squad was the Valentine’s Day squad, which was decorated with hearts and festive colors. Festive Squishmallows are always in high demand due to the fact that once the holiday is over, there will no longer be production of the corresponding Squishmallow Squad.
“I’m a huge fan of Squishmallows. My favorite feature about them is how they each have their own name, birthday, interests, and hobbies. They are so comforting, and their faces are adorable and simple. They are an amazing collectible item, and they even work well for room decor,” said Zala Batoor, 7.
Some Squishmallow lovers are so fond of the lovable plushies that they take hours out of their day to search for them at multiple different locations. These people are called Squishmallow hunters. They travel to places such as Costco, Walgreens, Hallmark, Learning Express, Five and Below, Target, Walmart, and Homegoods. They will go to these different stores and buy any Squishmallows that spike their interest. Some trips can even result in a haul that takes up an entire car trunk.
“I enjoy Squishmallows because they provide comfort and happiness. Squishmallows have grown in popularity in recent months. Many collectors form groups on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to trade and seek out Squishmallows. My favorite thing about them are their bright colors and softness. I own 12 squishmallows and my favorite is my purple sugar glider I got from Learning Express,” said Meadow Louria, 7.
The trend of Squishmallows has just begun and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. With the large variety of animals, sizes, and textures, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there have been over 50 million sold. Hopefully with your new found knowledge of these cute stuffies, you will be inspired to buy one of your own.