Jessie South and Presley Zadorozny


This last weekend was supposed to kick off our WSMS break for Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, but it quickly took a turn with a rare polar vortex blanketing the area with snow and extremely low temperatures. 

“I had a blast in the snow and enjoyed having extra time off of school,” said Kiera Bowling, 8.

 February 11th through the 15th was intended to be a four-day break for Lovejoy ISD. Instead, the district decided to close an extra day early because of the icy roads. As families were relaxing on their break, snow started rolling in early Sunday morning. This led to a whole week off of school because of the snow. The freezing temperatures lasted about a week. Due to the snowstorms, people encountered power outages, bursting pipes, and some flood damage. School campuses experienced harsh flooding, including SCIS. 

“The power outages went off and on throughout the night for multiple days,” said Camryn Jones, 8.

Students and staff at Willow Springs have worked hard all semester and needed a break. The time off ended up to be a whole week, which was more than expected and canceled school on what was supposed to be a half-day, Thursday, because of the weather. The temperature hit 0 with some days being a negative wind chill; the roads were icy and snow was quickly piling up. Many were able to enjoy the snow as it rarely ever gets down to the freezing temperatures in Texas. Having time off from school work and time to relax is proven to reduce the amount of stress, and increase the student’s productivity, especially when doing activities outdoors.

 Even though the time off from school wasn’t expected to be quite as long and the teachers are having to push back due-dates, many had a blast over the snowy surprise.