Joshua Bassett and His Upcoming Extended Play: ‘Joshua Bassett – EP’

Dana Colston, Newspaper Writer

On March 12, 2021, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star, Joshua Bassett, will release his first ever Extended Play, or ‘mini-album.’ Releasing the EP through Warner Records, Joshua Bassett – EP will contain 5 songs, all written and sung by the singer-songwriter.

“[Olivia Rodrigo and I] got the news [that our song was chosen to be on the show], which was just the most surreal thing in the world. When it actually happened, I think it was kind of a shock to both of us, but it was really neat. I think it was both of our first times being legitimized as songwriters professionally because we’ve been both writing on our own. And to actually have that on paper, to be able to prove that we did that was just a dream come true,” Bassett said, in an interview with ET.

Joshua Bassett is best known for portraying Ricky Bowen on HSM: TM: TS. Bassett co-wrote a song for the show, “Just for a Moment” with fellow actress Olivia Rodrigo. Though it was co-written, “Just for a Moment” was his first professionally released song and marked his entrance into the professional music industry.

“I really like Josh’s music. He expresses himself in his songs and tells a story through the music.” said Tiernan Miller, 8.

Along with “Just for a Moment,” Bassett has released 2 singles that will not be included in his EP, “Common Sense” and “Anyone Else.” Both songs are love songs, but his loving and positive theme has not been continued through his latest song releases.

“I’m super excited for the new EP to come out because I’ve loved the singles [Joshua]’s released…I’m just excited for new content,” said Libby Johnson, 8.

Joshua’s EP will include a total of 5 songs: Sorry, Do It All Again, Lie Lie Lie, Only a Matter of Time, Telling Myself, and Heaven is You. Previously, “We Both Know (feat. Sabrina Carpenter)” was to be released in the album, but has since been replaced with “Telling You.” A live version of “Heaven is You” was released by Bassett on December 22, 2020, via his YouTube channel. Both “Lie Lie Lie” and “Only a Matter of Time” were released in January 2021, “Lie Lie Lie” on January 14 and “Only a Matter of Time” on January 21. Both songs for the Extended Play released so far in 2021 seem to be directing shade towards an unknown subject, which has been a drastic change from his usual positive-tone songs about love.

Joshua Bassett – EP comes out March 12, and it’s definitely a release to watch out for. You can listen to Joshua Bassett’s current releases, and his EP, upon release, wherever you get your music.


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