The Rescue Team

Gwen O'Donnell

Have you ever had an assignment that you had no information about? Was it due the next day, and you don’t have enough information? Librarians meet kids like that everyday. We all want to earn a 100 on our papers, but to get that we have to do some research, which isn’t always easy. Librarians make researching a whole lot easier by giving us good resources to use.
“We have lots of databases that are much more accurate than just googling it, so through Class Link we have resources that are available for them. Gale is my personal favorite [website],” said Ashley Barr, WSMS Librarian.
Having good resources is very important, and it’s nice to know that we have plenty of material available to us when we need it.
“We have an independent study class that they offer every year for 8th graders, and they actually get to research a topic that they find interesting,” said Ashley Barr, WSMS Librarian.
It’s great that there’s a study class option for students who want to learn more about a topic they feel passionate about.
“Whether the information is online, in reference books, or in the stacks, librarians know where to look.”says We are Teachers
It’s safe to say that librarians are there for us, and we definitely need them. It’s always important to feel good with our final product when turning something in, and librarians help that happen. I’m very grateful for the librarians that we have who help us when we need information.