What would you wait in line for?

Trystan Taylor, Newspaper Writer

Many people wait in long lines for amazing, stupid, and strange products or experiences. Would you wait in a 4 hour line for your dream item? Waiting in a line could be rewarding or a waste of time. We could wait in line for a dollar, or you could wait in line for $100. 

“I would wait in line for money. If lines are moving quickly then it’s fine, but if it’s moving slowly then people get agitated and nothing happens,” said Ben Winder, 7.

Everyone has their own reason to wait in line. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of hungry Americans turn to food banks and wait in line for hours since they’re unable to afford it. . 

“I would wait in line for a PS5. I think lines are nice if there are multiple and they’re moving fast,” said Grayson Stanford, 7.

Waiting in line is a mixed experience. It is boring because you have to wait all that time, but rewarding because of the product at the front of the line.

“I would definitely wait in line for a ride at a theme park. I was once at Disneyland and I waited for about an hour for the Tower of Terror elevator ride. The line was super long, but at the end, it was rewarding and I enjoyed it a lot,” said Angelina Wang, 8.

Waiting in line for something could be a burden, or it could be the most exciting thing in your life. Waiting in a line is unpredictable. If you were asked to stand in a line for 2 hours, while everybody in front of you is getting something, but you didn’t know what, would you still wait in that line? So many other people are waiting in the line, so it has to be something good, right? Or is it? It’s completely up for debate, and lines are so unpredictable.