New Year’s Resolutions

Annalise Levin, Newspaper Writer

“New year new me!” This is a common phrase that people tend to say at the beginning of a new year in hopes of changing their lifestyle. Many times this saying does not live up to what people hope it will be. The start of a new year is a great time to try something new or try something you have previously failed at. Although, where it gets twisted is that many goals are unsustainable and unrealistic. 

  “Last year my goal was to be nice to everyone, and I would like to say that that was true, but honestly I was not able to accomplish that. My goal was too hard to sustain and too broad. This year, I have made my goal more specific, which is being a better version of myself. I believe that this goal is more maintainable,” said Cooper Anderson, 7.

Having a sustainable goal isn’t the only part of accomplishing our goals. We can’t  achieve our goals without working hard, especially at the beginning of the new year, when we are coming back from being on break or sleeping till noon. It is really hard to get back into a routine, which makes it easier to give up.  We will often hear “don’t give up” and “work hard”, but it is a lot easier said than done. We need to have the mentality of believing we can, and that we are strong enough to do so. Without this, it is easier to give up and forget we even had the goal in the first place.

“Working hard motivates me more to achieve my goal. This year I want to get in better shape, so I can use all of my potential for volleyball. If I give up mid process then I am failing myself and potentially my team. When I work hard to finish my goal it improves my mental health, and I know I am able to accomplish something more than I am capable of. It makes me want to do more by pushing my boundaries,” said by Skylar Jackson, 7.

Many students have similar goals to stay in shape and advance in their sport. Giving our all in every practice, or every game, will most likely give you a desirable outcome. Setting a standard for improvement in ourselves will always result with good performance on the court or in general. Creating goals gives us long-term plans and short-term motivation. It helps us be accountable for every action or step we take. Having goals makes individuals aware of their actions, efforts, and even their time management skills. It pushes people to tackle challenges head on and work on their weaknesses for a result of overall success. 

 “My club volleyball coach pushes me and my team as hard as we can to get us in better shape, so we can perform to the best of our abilities. We do team workouts such as conditioning at the gym or going to crossfit every other week. My goal this year is to get in the best shape and health so I can push myself further and be a better teammate,” said Makennah Vann 7.
Setting goals helps guide our behavior and our focus. Many would say that it is an essential part of living because it helps you sustain the momentum in life. Setting a New Year’s resolution is important to do because it allows us to  grow as human beings.