Families at Willow Springs

Katelyn Coleman, Newspaper Writer

Many Willow Spring Middle School students have parents that are staff members in the school and get to be close to them throughout the day. It may be restricting to have a parent constantly around, but it can also be really nice to always have them there for you.

“I’ve asked them for advice when I’m struggling with a student and need their perspective. It’s nice to have a student view so close to home. Tatum comes in to check on me, while Payton completely ignores me,” said Mrs. Novicke, 8th grade teacher and mother of students Tatum and Payton Novicke, 7.

Seeing a parent around is a normal experience for Tatum and Payton. They can always drop in to say hello or ask for assistance without having to wait the whole day.

“I act the exact same here and at home. It’s nice because sometimes I can drop off my bags in her room while I’m going somewhere. I like having my mother on campus,” said Anmarie Walenciak, 8, daughter of Mrs. Walenciak, speech teacher. 

Anmarie sees her mom everyday, and she can easily use her room to suit any needs, such as using it as a storage spot or a quiet place to do homework. It acts as a little sanctuary at the school.

WSMS is a school with family and unity ideals, and for there to be many family members throughout the school is not surprising. We cherish our staff here, and in the popular opinion is that having one of them as your parent is a benefit.