Library Books Lost Each Year

Jessie South, Newspaper Writer

Although WSMS has an extremely organized library system, a surprising number of books get lost each year from students.                              

The Willow Springs librarians, Ashley Barr and Becca Bonadio, came up with an efficient and quick system for borrowing books. If you’re in person, the teachers are allowed to send one student at a time to go find a book of their interest, but when you reach the library you must walk in on the left side. Covid-19 precautions are in place, which require  you to place the  book you’re returning on a cart, so it can be cleansed and wiped down before it’s back on the shelf.

“Usually the books are returned before we have to contact the students, but if not, we can email the student or parent about it; we’ve even had to hold the students yearbooks in return for the book in years past,” said Ashely Barr, librarian.

When a book is missing, the librarians contact the last student on the check out record and try to locate the student. If the student does not have the book it’s assumed they lost it. The  student’s parents have to pay the school a fee for losing it. If a book is returned but ruined or in terrible shape, then the student’s parents pay the same fee to replace it. A new library feature was added this year for virtual students; now we can access an online library through the WSMS website.

     “Not many students lose books, but when they do, the process is very efficient and seems to get the books back in no time,” said Kiera Bowling, 8.

The WSMS public library provides a wide variety of genres for each student’s liking and makes sure they are keeping track of the books and educating the students on how to be responsible and reliable with school property.