Embarrassing Moments in the Classroom

Eloise Friloux, Newspaper Writer

As WSMS enters the second semester, many students and teachers have had a lot of emotions, feelings, and plenty of funny stories. When at school for 8 hours a day, there’s always a chance for funny things to occur.

“One time, I fell off my chair and hit my head really hard on the ground, but I acted like it didn’t hurt at all. Everyone was laughing at me and I almost started to cry,” said Cooper Anderson, 7.

Embarrassment can be painful, yet it’s an important emotional state. It makes people feel badly about their social or personal mistakes as a form of internal or social feedback, so that they can learn not to repeat the error. Embarrassment is a self-conscious emotion, dictated by a disconnect between how we feel, how we should respond or act in public, and how we actually respond or act. We are most likely to be embarrassed when we believe we have not lived up to what society asks of us, or when we are on the receiving end of undesired attention.

“I had just finished my math exam, and I was listening to music through my airpods. My airpods disconnected from my phone, and Wonder by Shawn Mendes started playing on full volume while some people were still taking their test,” said Makennah Vann, 7.

While it seems like it only happens to students, teachers get embarrassed too. Making a noise when the whole room is quiet or falling in front of people is a common way of getting embarrassed but that’s not always the case.

 “It was my first year of teaching; I was new to Google Classroom and all the websites that they used. The students were about to have one of their first tests of the year, so I was posting the study guide for the kids when I accidentally put the key up. No one told me until 3 days later, so all the kids had looked at it and saw all the answers. So, me and my team had to make a whole new test for students,” said Ms. Moss, English teacher.

Getting embarrassed in class is not an everyday thing, so when it happens you have to be prepared to roll with it and not make it a big deal out of it.