The WSMS Band

Ben Winder and Trystan Taylor

WSMS students and staff are both necessary for a good band team. Students play different instruments to make music. For hundreds of years, people have been playing instruments to make music for a number of different reasons. The school buys instruments for the students so they can play and achieve their goals as a musician one day. Music is made as a form of self-expression and can appeal to the emotions of the listener, but some students have an opinion on the quality of the school band.
“I’m neutral about the topic of the band, but I think they play well and create a nice atmosphere. The classroom is also put far away from classrooms so they won’t be a distraction to students. I think that is pretty considerate of them,” said Stephen Tsai, 7.
However, there are still some students who think that band students can improve their skills.
“I think that they need some work, and could be better trained. They sound ok, but could be improved on,” said an anonymous student.
There are still some downsides to being in the band, but not everything is that bad.
“I think that band is good, with our well-trained band teachers. It’s fun and interactive, and we play a lot to practice songs, although some teachers can be rude or strict,” said a student who wants to remain anonymous.
There are all sorts of instruments out there, and some individuals like different ones. The WSMS band is great, but can still be improved on. However, with all sorts of instruments and all sorts of sounds, they all transform into one thing, music.