Student Learning Struggles and How to Help

Zala Batoor

Learning in a classroom environment can be hard sometimes, especially for students who don’t understand their teacher’s teaching style. But those students maintain good grades by studying and utilizing home-learning techniques.
“I try to manage my time well, so I can fit in studying at least every day. It is hard to keep up with new learning and all the work for each class, so I make sure to know the work well before doing it,” said Chloe Long, 7.
It’s difficult to get good grades in a class or subject if you don’t understand anything. For students learning new concepts, staying on task and paying attention are additional factors that can lead to success or to failing grades.
“I try to schedule 1-on-1 tutorials or send them to get help. We don’t want to leave a kid behind, and they should use these opportunities which could help them prosper in college. We want everyone to succeed,” said Mrs. Hulme, Math teacher.
Teachers are really helpful for struggling students by using tutorial videos or private school tutoring.
“It is hard to keep up with new units and new learning concepts, but I try my best to stay on track. I study with my siblings every night and complete most of my assignments in class, so I don’t fall behind,” said Cayli Walker, 7.
It can benefit students to study with a friend or family member because it helps students stay motivated and get the job done. Study groups in person or over FaceTime are a popular method to get work done efficiently and thoroughly understanding it.