Overcoming the Odds

Gwen O'Donnel, Newspaper Writer

Unexpected things occur, and we don’t have any control in what happens to us or our loved ones. Undergoing rough times isn’t easy, and overcoming it isn’t easier.. In times like that it’s important to remember that nothing is permanent, and you will get through it. Many people have gone through this so you can too. When you can overcome something like that you have to be proud of yourself. 

“The first big hurdle that I overcame was when I was in 5th grade 1980, January 11th to be specific, our mom and one of our two brothers were killed in a farming accident,” said Beverly Zetsche, Journalism teacher. 

When things like this happen there isn’t anything you can really do. It’s hard for everyone going through a time like that. Throughout all of it, it’s important to try to keep your spirits up.

“The teachers that really showed me that there was a chance that I could be something then just a housewife stuck in my circumstances, and that made a huge difference,” said Beverly Zetsche, Journalism teacher.

Hearing other people’s stories is honestly inspiring, and can give people hope. There are people in this world who do want to help you; whether it’s a parent, teacher, or a friend that helped, you have to remember that they were there for you and appreciate that. 

“If I had allowed my sadness to consume me, I would not be where I am today, which is happy, successful, and grateful for life,” Said Beverly Zetsche, Journalism teacher. 

Listening to others is encouraging, and helpful.These experiences will teach you valuable lessons. Everybody will go through this at least once in their life; whether you broke a bone and couldn’t play a sport or someone you love has passed. You have to think that nothing is indefinite-you can get past it.