7th Grade Boys Basketball

Taylor Pettit and Grayson Stanford

WSMS 7th Grade Boys Basketball has kicked off with a new season. Many players are excited to get back on the court, but new rules created because of the COVID-19 pandemic make playing and practicing way more difficult.
“As a team I think we can improve our intensity on defense, but I could improve by making more shots,” said Luke Modersohn, 7, A team.
A, B, and C teams all won against Rockwall Cain. A team won 39-35, B team won 28-11, and C team won 35-19. A team lets them score 35, so Luke Modersohn thinks that A team needs to improve on their defense.
“I think our team could improve our chemistry on the court; we need to be more comfortable passing with each other,” said Ryan Burns, 7, C team.
Passing is an important component in basketball that the WSMS 7th grade boys need to improve on. Many players have agreed that ball movement and passing could use more work. It’s clear to them that’s what the main focus should be right now.
“I feel like I could improve on taking shots and rotating to the ball,” said Bobby Haas, 7, B team.
Players have been working hard during the off-season. From working out to dribbling everyday, they have been putting in the work on and off the court, and that is what makes a great team and even better players.
“I think I could take more open shots because when I’m open I usually pass. If I were to shoot, I think we would have a higher scoring game,” said Parker Lambert, 7, A team.
The first game was on January 6th, and the season will last through March 1st. Willow Springs has a lot of talent on the court this year, and it shows during games and practices. Hopefully the effort and teamwork continues.