Excuses Students give Teachers and Teachers give Students

Grace Peay, Newspaper Writer

Students don’t like consequences, and they make excuses to get out of them.  Some teachers will let things slide, but students aren’t the only ones who are guilty. Students respect their teachers’ authority. Sometimes teachers will take advantage of this and tell a white lie to their students. 

“Some days in my early teaching years, I would end up sleeping in when I had a 1st period class. Teachers who had a period off would have to come in for the starting 10 minutes of class because I wouldn’t get there on time. I made up dumb excuses, but really all I was doing was sleeping in late,” said Mrs. Moss, English teacher.

 Whether it’s waking up late, or being out of the classroom for too long, all teachers can be just as guilty as students, especially when it comes to something an individual has a hard time doing. 

“One time I told my teacher I had to get something from the office, but really all I did was walk around in the halls with my friends,” said Grace Gonzalez, 7.

Many students can relate to this answer because we have the A/B schedule, we have longer class periods, and students’ attention span can only last so long. With that being the case, when COVID-19 hit, online school was a priority because of safety reasons, but at the beginning of the year, school online wasn’t always the most enjoyable. 

“One time when we were doing Zoom for the beginning 3 weeks, we had to print out something to complete the assignment, and I told my teacher that my printer wasn’t working, so I didn’t end up having to do it,” said Makennah Vann, 7.

Students and teachers use excuses as a way to avoid responsibility, and the more they avoid responsibility, the more excuses are needed to get by in the world. Making something up is never going to get you anywhere. Nothing good can come from lying. Excuses prevent you from living the life you want. Don’t give up before you’ve even begun.