Modern Day Heroes

Jessie South

People all around the world have been influenced by people in their lives whom they look up to.
A modern-day hero is someone who is fighting for a greater cause and making a difference in the world. Everyone considers different people their modern-day heroes based on the way they have impacted their life. A hero does not have to be anyone famous or well known to others. If a person asked someone who theirs is, they will most likely mention family members, teachers, best friends, or pets.
“My modern-day hero is Danny Devito because he is amazing and an inspiration,” says Anna Frost, 8.
Many believe that to be considered a hero, you need to be popular. But you only need to inspire one person through your actions; a hero might have affected millions of people or just one. Many modern-day heroes are from tales or fictional stories that have admirable personality traits. There are many stereotypes about who you need to be in order to change the world. People who have changed the world have dedication, bravery, and passion for the causes they want to help.
“A modern-day hero to me is someone you can count on, and who has always been there for you, no matter what challenges you face,” says Emma Tomlin, 8.
Never forget to appreciate the everyday heroes in our lives and work towards being someone else’s.