Kanye For President?

Taylor Pettit and Grayson Stanford

Kanye West, an American rapper and producer, ran independently for candidacy in the United States Presidential Election of 2020. He ran against Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and other third party candidates. He ran in the 2020 election and didn’t get enough votes, but he says he wants to run again in 2024.
“I don’t think he would be a good president because he doesn’t seem like the person to sit in an office and do paper work all day,” said Landon Davis, 7th.
Kanye West got famous off of his catchy tunes and being a character, and he doesn’t have experience with politics, paperwork, and making deals. Kanye collected just 60,000 votes out of the 160 million total.
“I think Kanye West ran for president to help out President Trump, so all the votes Kanye got wouldn’t go to Joe Biden,” says Barrett Bennett, 7th.
Kanye was originally running to help Trump and limit as many opponents as he could, but he later decided to run on his own and to hopefully become the new President of the United States. If Kanye runs again in 2024, it will probably be to prove to all the people that he can be the president.
“I feel like if Kanye West actually became president, he would have ideas he wanted to proceed with, but the media wouldn’t take him seriously because he is already a celebrity,” says Ivy Eckols, 7th.
Kanye ran for president this year but ultimately failed. He’s hoping to win big at the next election.