Choir’s Approach to COVID-19

Anna Frost

The WSMS choir is taking new precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
In 2020 at Willow Springs Middle School, the choir students have to wear masks and face shields to keep from getting sick.
“We’re wearing face shields and masks and stay six feet apart in our chairs. I don’t really like these precautions, because the face shields are annoying, and I feel lonely in my chair,” said Lindsey Collins, 8.
Face shields are plastic, protective devices that you put over your face to help prevent droplets of spit from flying. Most face shields have an elastic band that loops over your head, but some of the nicer ones are attached to plastic goggles.
“We stay spaced out and wear masks as well as face shields whenever we are singing. We take breaks when singing to let the air filter out as well. I’m online, so I haven’t dealt with these changes, but I can assume that singing with face shields and masks is very different,” said Sophia Andrzejewski, 8.
Choir students have to switch from the choir room to the cafeteria or another location after 30 minutes, so that the air can circulate. While the students are in the cafeteria, they do asynchronous work.
“We have to wear face masks and move from the cafeteria into the choir room, which is good. It’s a bit weird wearing face shields, because you can only hear yourself, and it fogs up a lot,” Sarah Jane Hanchey, 7.
It takes time to adjust, but hopefully these measures will be beneficial and stop the spread of coronavirus.