Diversity Action Team

Dana Colston

Since August, once a month over Zoom, Lovejoy ISD comes together to promote diversity in the community through its first Diversity Action Team.
The Diversity Action Team works to embrace our differences, create a community of inclusion, and provide education beyond academics. Cassidy Fuller, the Art and Advanced Art Teacher at WSMS, says, “In this year’s Diversity Action Team, I want to see real change in the inclusion of diversity in the school curriculum. I want teachers to step outside of what is comfortable and routine, and learn new things to share with their students. This includes reading new books written by authors of color to replace old books, talking about historically significant people of color in our history classes and not giving a biased perspective on events, and bringing more awareness and inclusion of cultures outside of our own.”
According to group member, Rachael Merrick, the Diversity Action Team consists of four different subcommittees, each approaching different parts of our community: Student Focus, Teacher Focus, Promoting Diversity Within Our Community, and finally, Structures For Safe Discussion, Learning, and Conversations.
“As a former student in LISD, I have seen and learned what students are now experiencing, not just in the form of racism and microaggressions, but in terms of equity. I have learned the same history lessons and read the same books, heard the same lectures, and seen the lack of inclusion of diversity in all of these things. I joined because I want to see these things change, to see authors of color be required readings, to see important people of color represented in the curriculum, to have ALL students see themselves in the success of those before them.” said Ms. Cass.
Overall, the Diversity Action Team strives for a better future for the entirety of the Lovejoy community.