How to Entertain Yourself in Quarantine

Meadow Louria, Newspaper Writer

People all around the world are dealing with the effects of Covid-19. Quarantine, masks, and social distancing are the new normal. This creates a socialization nightmare for many families, children, and adults. People are quarantining in some form or fashion. Many have been greatly affected and some have only had to make small sacrifices. 

Sacrifices keep each other safe and healthy, but boredom has taken on a new meaning. Some stay busy and productive and follow the guidelines and safety procedures. Others struggle to find entertainment and may not use proper safety procedures.

Caylin Newhouse and Emilia Rodas, 7, figured out how to entertain themselves over the long quarantine. When I had messaged one of my fellow classmates, Caylin Newhouse (7th) she had said, “ During the beginning of quarantine I wasn’t really productive at the beginning but towards the end, I started being more productive around my house. I have been hanging out with people but when I am, I’m wearing a mask and being safe.” 

She has been staying safe and practicing good precautions such as social distancing while others like one of my other close friends and fellow online classmates have not been good by as many precautions. 

When I had spoken with her regarding the topic this was her response, “I have been playing a lot of tennis and doing online school. I have been hanging out with my friends but haven’t been wearing a mask or done social distancing,” said Emilia Rodas,7

“We are staying safe and healthy but it can be hard when you want to hang out with people and have a good time.” said Caylin Newhouse, 7.

Covid-19 has created new challenges but if we remember to stay safe, we can all have fun in these hard times.