WSMS Cross Country

Sydney Cole

The 2020-2021 Cross Country season started on Tuesday, September 29, at WSMS. For many students, this is their first year to run cross country. On the 29th, Lovejoy went up against Highland Park, and on the 6th of October, they competed against Highland Park and Anna.
“I chose cross country for multiple reasons: one, it helps me to stay fit. Two, it helps with my other sports such as soccer. Three, the social side of cross country is awesome. Four, I like to challenge myself with things I normally wouldn’t do,” said Rachel Dobbs, 8.
The Willow Springs Cross Country teams have multiple coaches, including head coach, Carly Littlefield. Coach Littlefield is also a Health and P.E. teacher at Sloan Creek Intermediate School. The boy’s head coach is Logan Kelly, and the assistant coach is Natalie Coonrod, who is also an 8th-grade science teacher.
“I think we could work on continuously improving and helping push others and ourselves more,” says Bridget Bernal, 7th grade.
In the meet on the 29th, our fastest Lovejoy runner was Tatum Novicke, 7th, who ran a 13:33 minute 3200-meter run. The runner-up was Jocelyn Chapman, 7th grader, who ran a 14:10 minute 3200-meter run. Tatum placed 3rd overall and Jocelyn placed 9th overall.
“For most of us I would say we run around 5-6 times a week, but there are times where we have a race week, and it’s about 4 training sessions. During practice, we start off with a 20-minute run and after, we move on to drills involving sprints, stretches, strides, and more,” said Carson Miller, 7th grade.
The teams have been doing really well these past two meets, and we can’t wait for what the rest of the season holds.