Holiday Traditions

Kate Shaddock and Zala Batoor

Throughout the year, students love to celebrate their favorite holidays. Everyone has their own way of celebrating what they believe in and they wanted to share a little bit of what they love doing with us.
“For the 4th of July, my friends and I enjoy going to my lake house to swim, go tubing, and watching lots of movies while eating snacks.
For Good Friday, every Friday before Easter, Christians honor how Jesus died and sacrificed himself for our sins. They often attend a service or even refrain from eating to show their respect.
“We celebrate Hanukkah by lighting candles every day for eight days, and we eat a lot of good food, one of them being something we like to call latkes which is basically a hash brown. Every day we get to open one present and say prayers,” says Kaden Miller, 7.
Hanukkah is a Jewish tradition that celebrates the victory of Maccabee over the large Syrian army. Every year this holiday is celebrated on the 10th of December all the way through the 18th. To honor this tradition lots of Jewish families light a Hanukkiah. Families might also play dreidel and eat certain foods.
“On the Friday before Christmas, my family and I go to church and celebrate with my family and friends. On Christmas Day, we go to my aunt’s house to eat dinner and play games. Sometimes we go to our cousin’s house or they come over to open presents.” said Cayli Walker, 7.
It is so crazy how many different beliefs and holiday traditions everyone has. I hope this article helped you respect and learn a little more about everyone’s favorite holidays and how they like to celebrate.